The MobileCONNECT™ system is a wireless GPS enabled theft recovery product that is professionally installed in a hidden area in your vehicle (stealth). Once registered through the MobileCONNECT™ website, the client receives unique and innovative safety features. MobileCONNECT™ equipped vehicles maintain the highest level of security available in today’s market. There are two versions of the MobileCONNECT™ product, MobileCONNECT™ SVR and MobileCONNECT™ Plus.

MobileCONNECT™ SVR Features:

    • Secure Personal Locating Services via the Internet
    • User Friendly internet interface   
    • Road Maps and Satellite Images of Vehicle   
    • Easy to use Telephone interface   
    • Fastest Speed of the Day   
    • Geofence (1/4 mile)   
    • Perimeter Violation Alerts (Email and/or Cell Phone Text Message)   
    • Location.   
    • Back-Up Battery   
    • 1 Year Warranty
    • Starter Disable/Enable(Optional)
    • 2 additional airtime plans(Optional)
    • Purchase additional airtime online(Optional)

Buy only what you need.  MobileCONNECT™ SVR allows you to only purchase what you require thereby allowing you to control costs and tailor your communications to your requirements.


All standard MobileCONNECT™ SVR Features PLUS:

    • Position Update every 10 minutes   
    • Unlimited "on demand" actions
    • Starter Disable / Enable(Optional)