GPS Tracking for Fleet / Asset Management

Vehicle Tracking and Asset Management

  • FleetFIND Technologies Inc. provides onboard GPS based fleet management and protection. This enables fleet owners to increase the productivity of their assets, while adding an unprecedented element of safety, security and convenience.

  • Our system integrates state of the art tracking technologies with wide area wireless networks and the Internet – giving you highly accurate and practical services, securely accessible worldwide through any standard web browser.

  • FleetFIND Technologies Inc. provides wireless location based fleet and asset management solutions. This makes fleet management and protection affordable and convenient for any application.

  • FleetFIND's coverage encompasses Canada, the USA and Mexico. In addition to this significant North American footprint, FleetFIND has combined GPS technology with the power of the Internet to deliver a simple control interface that can be accessed from any internet connection using a standard web browser.

  • These advantages give FleetFIND the ability to provide cost-effective services throughout North America. The network currently supports in excess of 200,000 subscribers and is rapidly growing.

  • FleetFIND has specific solution offerings for the commercial fleet, vehicle finance and heavy equipment markets, however the product is deployable in any situation or application where mobile assets need to be tracked or secured.

  • Here is a summary of GPS Tracking Financial Benefits

  • Protect your fleet and your assets with FleetFIND.