Protect Your Asset

FleetFIND Financial

  • Vehicle Loan Originators now have a new tool in their kit — FleetFIND’s Collector Mobile Unit!:
    The Collector offers the latest in asset location and immobilization technology. The Collector affords financiers the ability to keep track of and disable mobile assets wherever they may be. Unlike other systems, it not only can disable a vehicle but also provides the location of the vehicle for easy retrieval.

    The Collector now allows you to expand your business to new levels, giving you the ability to write more paper without the risk. Overdue payments, collections, lost assets, are all issues of the past with the Collector, allowing you to focus on your core business … SALES!

  • Increase Sales:
    Utilize the Collector to allow you to increase your sales by writing more paper…all with reduced risk!

  • Reduce Overhead:
    Reduce your collection costs, repossession costs and focus your team on selling!

  • Secure Your Asset:
    Control your asset regardless of where it is or who has it!

  • Improve Your Accounts Receivables and Collections:
    Take control of your customer payment schedule and electronically force the payment if required !

  • Protect Vehicle Portfolio:
    Keep lenders and suppliers satisfied by knowing payments and assets are where they should be!

  • Minimize Vehicle Damage:
    Protect the leased vehicle from unwarranted damage!

  • Reduce Repossession and Skip Tracing Costs:
    Track the vehicle with the click of a button and pass valid location information to your repossession company of choice!